Game and application development is our entire life. We deliver great stuff to entertain players around the world. By utilizing the best-known tools we cover the most popular gaming platforms.










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Topnotch artwork of our guys has been acknowledged by both our players and clients. We have no other option but to always deliver unique styles for our games.


50+ years of common experience in programming and mobile development makes our guys real experts in the industry. We deliver well commented bug-free code in C#, C++, Objective C, Java and LUA.

Cross Platform

A combination of technologies we utilize, our development skills and experience let us cover iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and VR platforms with one and only shot.


What a game without a nice music background? We have capabilities on board letting us deliver fantastic sound design to all games we make. The main goal is to match the track with the gameplay so that players can really enjoy their playing.


Beautiful animations is a key to getting a successful game. Our animators use the best know tools to deliver brilliant 2D and 3D animations. Combination of animation and effects let our characters and environments really interact with players. That makes our games unforgettable.


Level and game editing tools, multi-player and multi-peer engines, physics simulation, server side API frameworks, Kinect sensor controllers and Oculus Rift. Our infrastructure lets us use know-how, our experience, custom-built tools and technology to deliver qualitative and exciting games.

Game Design

That's what all the games start from. Good game mechanics, gameplay hooks, social components and many other things which will be perceived by our design chaps and get your future games closer to success.

Story Writing

Unbelievable stories which get the players into fantastic worlds of sci-fi or fairy tails, logical thinking or simple time killers. With our assisting in story writing we don't aim to replace player's living with a game. We want to complete their living with diversity and fineness.


Each of the games must be equipped with tracking tools and our games are not an exception. If you got us on board to deliver you a game we will use Unity Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Appsee, Firebase etc. to get data about players' activity and main game aspects for you.


By localizing your game you enter new markets, popularize your game and improve it's profitability. We can assist you here in text and game components transforming. On top of that we handle voice over localization.

Marketing & Support

To make a game is half the battle. You still need to market it in order to let potential players get aware of it. This is where we can get in and give you a hand with marketing campaigns and special promoting materials.


We test all the games we work on using Selenium, Black and White box testing, non functional software testing. We utilise the best known bug tracking tools to keep clients informed about any issues and progress of their fixing.



We make games and applications for mobile, desktop, web, console, augmented and virtual reality.

We aim to create the best user experience on these platforms for our audience. For this reason, we recruit only the best in the industry to our team and utilize leading development techniques and management approaches.

Though project requirements often vary, we always find the most innovative and appropriate development solutions. Our approach is to be result-orientated while managing available resources and the budget.

Oh, never mind! That is all true, but the real bottom line is our work is a lot of fun so let's have some fun together!